Acne Treatments

Clear and beautiful skin — it’s what we all strive for. Sadly, the reality is that many of us are faced with recurring blemishes well into our adult years. At any age, acne can deeply affect self-esteem and confidence.

At Kanjee Medical Skin Care, our goal is to use advanced acne treatment services to help patients around the GTA. Get started on your path to clear and healthy skin by requesting a consultation online or calling our office at 905-918-1358 to schedule an appointment.


Treatment Options

While acne is an extremely troublesome skin condition, it does not pose an insurmountable problem. With the correct approach, the skin can be restored to health. Our team of skin experts will be with you every step of the way in your cosmetic journey.

An in-depth consultation will determine the ideal course of treatment to suit your individual needs. Acne treatments at Kanjee Medical Skin Care may include oral and topical medication, in-office treatments with gentle pulsed light-based technology, microdermabrasion, and medical-grade skin care to complement and reinforce your professional treatments. In cases where acne scarring has occurred, fractional laser resurfacing can be employed to minimize the appearance of both depressed scars and skin discoloration.

However mild or severe your acne condition is, we’re here to help you. Request a consultation online to meet with a member of our experienced team of plastic surgeons and medical professionals. You can also call our office at 905-918-1358 to schedule an appointment.

Teen & Adult Acne

Acne is characterized in the teenage years by the overproduction of sebum (the skin’s natural lubrication) and skin cells. The hormonal fluctuations of puberty are responsible for creating this state of affairs. The result is that dead skin cells and sebum become stuck in the hair follicles and pores, and this blockage leads to the development of comedones (blackheads), papules, pustules, cysts, and nodules. There are varying stages of acne, which are based on the type and concentration of acne lesions present on the skin. Teenage acne can occur over the entire face as well as the chest, shoulders, and back.

Adult acne is also associated with hormonal fluctuations in conjunction with emotional and/or physical stress. It tends to occur on the chin, cheeks, and jawline and may affect the body (chest, shoulders, and back), as well. There tends to be less sebum production associated with adult acne; however, the sebum that is produced tends to be stickier. This sticky quality traps dead skin cells in the follicles, causing comedones, pustules, and papules.